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Short-term Medical (STM) Coverage


There are times in life when you just need coverage to fill a temporary gap. Short-term medical coverage - also called temporary health insurance - is best used when the end-date for coverage is known, such as:
  • Between now (or the end of current coverage) and the effective date of an Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") policy.
  • During the months leading up to Medicare eligibility or
  • While waiting for group health benefits to become effective as a new-employee
Short-term medical (STM), or temporary, coverage may be the perfect option. At the current time, stm plans can be used for up to 90 days before a re-write is required.

Its advantages are these types of health plans it become effective very quickly, usually as soon as midnight at the end of the day of application. It is normally less expensive than major medical and qualifying is simple and straightforward - as few as 3 - 5 health questions on the application.

If the applicant can answer 'no' to the health questions and meet citizenship or residency requirement (if there are any), coverage is automatic.


Several things to be aware of:

Short term health coverage... 

  • Does have health questions (which may prevent some from being eligible for it) 
  • Does not cover pre-existing conditions. 
  • Does not include maternity coverage
  • Generally does not cover routine preventive care and screenings. 
  • Does not meet all the essential coverage requirements of the ACA, so you likely will be subject to the tax penalty for not having qualified coverage. 

But for the right situations, short-term medical is the perfect solution and is always safer than going with no coverage at all.

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