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Big changes are here for 2019 Coverage!

Short-term Medical (STM) be a cost-saving solution for you in 2019? With the removal of the tax penalty for not having ACA-mandated coverage, short-term (also called "temporary") coverage may be an excellent alternative.


Short-term plans are now available for up to almost 3 years in many states. Now that there is no longer a tax penalty for not having ACA-qualified coverage (which was a concern for many) that barrier to finding an ACA alternative has been removed. 

Short-term plans are often significantly less expensive than ACA plans 
and qualifying (if eligible) is simple and straightforward - as few as 3 - 5 health questions on the application. They can be a good option to consider in situations such as:
  • If an ACA ("Obamacare") policy is ridiculously expensive, is just plain unaffordable or doesn't make sense for your situation
  • Between now (or the end of current coverage) and the effective date of an Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") policy
  • While waiting for employer-offered group health benefits to become effective
  • During the period leading up to Medicare eligibility

If the applicant can answer 'no' to the health questions and meet any citizenship or residency requirements, coverage is automatic and can go into effect as soon as the next day with most policies.

You should be aware that short term health coverage... 

  • Does have health questions (which may prevent some from being eligible for it or prevent renewal at the end of the coverage period.) 
  • Does not cover pre-existing conditions. 
  • Does not include maternity coverage
  • May not cover prescription drugs
  • Generally has no (or limited) coverage for routine preventive care and screenings. 

Clearly, short term plans don't offer all the coverage of ACA plans. But their significantly lower price tag can make them an appealing alternative, particularly for those who aren't eligible for a subsidy from Uncle Sam and who are reasonably healthy. 

While an ACA alternative isn't a viable option for everyone, short term medical coverage can be a less expensive choice for the right individuals and well worth considering!

Feel free to contact us and let's talk about whether short-term coverage is a good option for you!

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