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 Dental Insurance

 Why buy dental insurance if you practice good oral hygiene? It’s simple: people with dental insurance are more likely to visit their dentist

Research shows that families without dental coverage are more likely to go more than 12 months between routine dental visits. And that's the time when a small cavity that could be easily fixed can become a major cavity that requires a crown.

Individuals without dental insurance plans don’t get the preventive dental care they need to help maintain good oral health — and 
oral health is one of the biggest factors of good overall health. 

Almost all individual dental plans offer immediate coverage for preventive care visits.

Be aware that there are waiting periods for coverage to begin for treatments that fall into the categories of Basic Services and Major Services. These waiting periods vary among plans, but are usually about six months for Basic services and 12 months for Major services.

Basic Services: Simple extractions and fillings
Major Services: Crowns, complex extractions (think impacted wisdom teeth) and Periodontal surgery

Make regular dental care an important part of your health care routine with dental insurance coverage.



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