The time has almost arrived! If your health insurance plan is going away (several carriers in the Carolinas opted not to extend their transitional, if-you-like-your-plans plans for another two years) or if you just don't like your current coverage for any reason - too expensive, not happy with the company, don't like the benefits, whatever -  your opportunity to make a change is coming up starting on November 15th.

You'll have until December 15th to submit an application for a January 1st start date. The full AEP runs through February 15th. To get an effective date for the first of the following month, you must submit your application by the 15th of the month.

If you submit on the 16th or later, you'll get the first of the month after. For instance, if you submit an application on December 16th, the earliest effective date you can get will be February 1st.

I've been getting LOTS of calls from people wanting to make a change, so I have a lo-o-o-ng list. Most are either from individuals whose plans are going away or who have received notices for their 2015 plans and are in rate shock.

Want to get on that list? I'd love to work with you if you'd like to check out the new plans coming down the pike for 2015 to see if there's a better option. And, if not you, how many of your friends are voicing their concerns about high rates?

I'll be working seven days a week if I need to to be sure everyone gets helped within the allotted 3-month AEP. Contact me!